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Over 10,000 press ads placed every year!


Media Planning & Buying

UKAMS offer a complete media planning and buying service. Our expert media planners draw upon not only the very latest media research but also over 20 years of direct marketing experience. But the job does not stop once the media has been planned and bought; detailed post campaign analysis is essential to understanding how the profitable marketing of a product or service can be progressed.

Our broad-based portfolio of clients provides us with experience in a wide range of press titles well beyond national newspapers. Our knowledge of the press market extends from women's weeklies, to men's monthlies and from teen magazines to grey market titles.



No matter how well media is planned and bought, if the creative fails to impact on the target with a clear and concise proposition and an obvious call to action then the chances of success are extremely limited.

Our in-house visualisers, copy-writers and design team have over 20 years experience of creating winning press advertisements, inserts and DRTV & radio commercials. We work closely with clients to determine how best to communicate specific product features and benefits to their target market and on crafting the proposition that will ultimately close the sale!



Whilst all press and print campaigns are produced in house and our own copywriters generate concepts and scripts, we work with the country's leading production houses to create TV and radio commercials of the highest quality.



We enjoy a close working relationship with all regulatory authorities including SHOPS (the national press mail order protection scheme),CAP / ASA, RACC (Radio clearance) and Clearcast (TV clearance). Importantly these close relationships enable us to make copy clearance a relatively quick and painless experience and to produce ads that are both compliant and hard selling!

The Newspaper & Magazine Market

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