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Digital Data Denial – by Bob Hoffman

Digital Data Denial – by Bob Hoffman   The following post is reproduced from Bob Hoffman’s blog, “The Ad Contrarian” – for more thought provoking and controversial opinions from Bob visit   Digital Data Denial One of the great paradoxes of our industry is that the people who are constantly haranguing us with the…

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10 Key Benefits of Press Advertising

There are so many benefits to advertising in the press it is difficult to choose a Top 10 but here goes:   IT WORKS – whether the objective is linear direct response, driving traffic to web, driving retail sales or building brand awareness, press works – we see it every day in results and we…

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How Newspapers and Magazines Drive up ROI

“Newspapers are more effective than people give them credit for…” – Martin Sorrell   The answer to why newspapers and magazines are so effective as a direct response medium lies in the unique way in which they are purchased and consumed.   Unlike virtually every other medium, newspapers are a considered daily purchase and every…

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8 Simple Steps to Creating Winning Campaigns

Step 1 – Choosing the promotion   Over 20 years of selling products and services direct, we have amassed a vast amount of experience of the type of promotions that appeal most to consumers. Drawing on this experience enables us to maximise our client’s chances of success.   Step 2 – Defining the proposition   Having agreed…

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