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8 Simple Steps to Creating Winning Campaigns

Step 1 – Choosing the promotion


Over 20 years of selling products and services direct, we have amassed a vast amount of experience of the type of promotions that appeal most to consumers. Drawing on this experience enables us to maximise our client’s chances of success.


Step 2 – Defining the proposition


Having agreed the details of the promotion, it is then up to our copywriters to develop a headline that encapsulates the propositionas directly, succinctly and positively as possible. The consumer should be excited by the offer with a single glance at the headline or within seconds of seeing or hearing the commercial!


Step 3 – Creating the ad


Creating winning direct response advertisements is as much an art as it is a science and our in-house designers know what works. Today’s consumers demand value and even the most price driven offer still needs to have strong visual appeal.


Step 4 – Placing the test


The criteria we use when selecting test media are simple: they must be well targeted, low cost (and therefore low risk) and large enough to generate results that are statistically meaningful and reliable.


Step 5 – Assessing the results


It is essential that results can be interpreted quickly and accurately. UKAMS has response models that enable us to give a clear and early indication of the success of tests and then apply these results to other media.


Step 6 – Validating the results


Once results have been analysed the next step in the process is to validate them by way of further low cost, low risk testing. The extent to which validation is required prior to any roll out is decided in consultation with the client


Step 7 – Executing the roll out


Once results have been validated a roll out schedule is prepared based upon the volume of leads or sales required by the client. Often a certain level of date flexibility is recommended in order that bookings can be made at the last minute to take advantage of “remnant” short term  media opportunities where discounts are at their greatest.


Step 8 – Testing new concepts


Even when a winning ad has been produced we are constantly seeking to improve results. The winning ad becomes the “control” against which new ads are tested. Wherever possible ads are tested as A/B split copy runs using the same media on the same day.

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