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10 Key Benefits of Press Advertising

There are so many benefits to advertising in the press it is difficult to choose a Top 10 but here goes:


  1. IT WORKS – whether the objective is linear direct response, driving traffic to web, driving retail sales or building brand awareness, press works – we see it every day in results and we see it in independent research (


  1. IT’S LOW RISK – testing press has never been more affordable.


  1. IT’S ECONOMICAL – press can be purchased at highly competitive cpt / cpm compared to other media


  1. IT’S SCALEABLE – we see individual direct response clients spending in excess of £8,000,000 p.a. in press, 100{da604227c29f8b07b501da89455b3960e59a5b227a8334a6ce58c2eeab8975f7} of which is direct response driven


  1. IT’S WELL TARGETED – whether targeting the mass-market, mid-market or up-market, newspapers offer cost effective access to a 45 plus readership with money to spend. Combine these with women’s weeklies or specialist magazines for more precise targeting.


  1. IT’S IMPACTFUL & ENGAGING – we make maximum use of large sizes (pages and DPS), special positions (front page strips) and special formats (advertorial features) to maximise impact and response


  1. IT’S IMMEDIATE – with copy deadlines as short as 1 day and no requirement for lengthy pre-clearance of copy you can decide that you want to be in tomorrow’s national newspaper today (and some clients do!).


  1. IT’S TRUSTED – generally speaking readers identify closely with the titles they purchase and they trust the information presented to them, either as editorial or advertising


  1. IT’S AUDITED – circulation figures are strictly audited and independently verified, unlike many other media where data is based upon survey information


  1. IT’S AVAILABLE 365 DAYS A YEAR – press media is always available. If you miss one there’s always another one coming along soon!

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